Do you want a better relationship with your pet? Do you have questions about behaviour or issues? We have the experts!

Visit them at booth 708 to sign up for a consultation with Pet Intel. Behavour Centre.


We provide the necessary knowledge, skills and/or support to work effectively with dogs. Our mandate is to help people become experts in working with their own dogs, become better future dog owners, become better dog professionals and to educate anyone who wants to learn more about ‘Man’s Best Friend’.

Dogs require immediate feedback in order to understand  what their human wants from them. Pet Intel. effectively teaches humans how to provide this feedback properly and in a balanced way. We understand that in order to be the best dog coaches, we must be people coaches first. We cater our services to suit our clients needs, regardless of what those needs may be.

Pet Intel. Behaviour Centre is owned and operated by Behaviour Specialist Jessica O’Neill, who provides a team of patient and understanding Behaviour Coaches to assist clients throughout their journey with their pet!